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Our complex and rapidly evolving world is extremely fragmented in the ideological, social, political, cultural and scientific areas. There remains little or no trace of cultural unity. We have to deal with many cultures, subcultures and cultural fragments. The trend of differentiation in science is continuing unabated. All that remains are a number of fragments that have little structure or coherence. The fragmentation, rapid changes and large-scale structures of the modern world are leading to an increased alienation. The overview is lost.

Worldviews, a non-profit organisation established in 1990, reacts to this situation of fragmentation and disintegration and is calling for integrating world-view research. This interdisciplinary project presents itself as a challenge to the scientific community, and especially to the members of the group. Worldviews wishes to provide a framework in which the world views that are developing in various fields of culture and science can get into dialogue with one another. World-views help us to find our way in the complex reality and to act in a coherent manner.



In English

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In Dutch

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